2019 Club Officers                                                               

President                J
ana Blosser

Vice President        M
att Krantz

Secretary                Lena Custer

Treasurer               Lawrence McNally

3 Year                L
arry Custer
2 Year                
Greg Turner
1 Year                R
obert Brady

Reporter                Chris Bolgiano

Song Leader          Dave Kyger

Chaplain                Scott Budde

Sgt at Arms            Kaley Kyger

Community Service Committees

Business and Profession:

1.        Provide a speaker on Legal Wills.
2.        Support the local F.F.A. and 4-H Livestock Show and Sale by purchasing steer, hog and lamb at the
Rockingham County Fair.
3.        Furnish club news and upcoming events to local news media.
4.        Conduct an Income Tax workshop.
5.        Sponsor Broadway Bruins and purchase 1/4 page ad.

Citizenship & Patriotism:   

1.        Hold 4th of July Yard Sale.
2.        Encourage all members to register and vote in elections.
3.        Sponsor an Essay Contest at Fulks Run Elementary School.
4.        Observe Ruritan Sunday.
5.        Recognize Veterans of America's wars at the October Meeting.
6.        Arrange Flag Day (June 14) to collect worn flags for proper disposal by veterans group.
7.        Citizen and Ruritan Of The Year at December meeting.
8.        Provide a lighted display of the American Flag in community.
9.        Place flags on Veterans graves on Memorial and Veterans Day
10.      Provide meals for Election Poll Workers
11.      Participate in local parades


1.        Participate in community recycling.
2.        Participate in Adopt-A-Highway Program.        
3.        Install and maintain birdhouses in Ruritan Park.
4.        Maintain walking trails.
5.        Maintain Recycle Trailer in Fulks Run Ruritan Park.
6.        Home recycling hours @ 4 hours per member per month.
7.        Feed birds and wildlife.
8.        Schedule clean up and maintenance in old park property.

Public Service:

1.        Work with local Highway Safety Committee.
2.        Install recreational facilities at Ruritan Park.
3.        Provide funding for school supplies.
4.        Sponsor Hunter Safety Course.
5.        Maintain WEB site
6.        Sponsor Chicken BBQ with profits divided between Bergton, Broadway Fire Departments
and Broadway and Bergton Rescue Squads.
7.        Provide transportation for elderly and sick as needed.
8.        Purchase (30) Bears to give to Bergton and Broadway Rescue Squads.
9.        Have local Law Enforcement provided as program at a club meeting.
10.      Maintain local cemeteries.
11.      Sponsor a Family Picnic at July meeting.
12.      Support purchase of dictionaries and spelling BEE

Social Development:

1.        Hold Rabies Vaccination Clinic in January.
2.        Sponsor Drug Abuse program.
3.        Make Contribution to Ruritan National  Foundation ($10.00) per member or Build Your Dollar Program.
4.        Provide (3) $500.00 scholarships to students in our community.  Students will be invited to January or
February meeting for presentation of check.
5.        Donate $100.00 to Fulks Run Elementary school for children in need.
6.        Participate in Student Member Program, (2) or more.
7.        Give $25.00 to graduating seniors that are members of the Club.
8.        Donate to Hunters for the Hungry.
9.        Distribute Christmas baskets.
10.      Send cards to sick in the community.
11.      Sponsor Son's and Daughter's Night.
12.      Sponsor holiday activity at school.
13.      Provide help for families or persons in need.
14.      Send flowers to club members and spouses in hospital.
15.      Send flowers in case of death of members, spouses, or children under the same roof.  For single                 
members, send flowers in case of death of mother or father.
16.       Support blood bank.
17.       Donate $300.00 to Weekly Religious Education in the county.
18.       Provide assistance for Fulks Run Elementary School.
19.       Donate to St, Jude's Hospital.
20.        Support local food bank/Donate $100 Quarterly
21.        Donate $25 to Bowl-A-Thon
22.        Donate $50 for ad in Fulks Run Elementary School yearbook.
23.        Hold Fall Yard Sale