17784 Criders Road
(old elementary school / library)
Criders, VA 22820
The emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)) is the USDA program
that provides food distribution to people in our community who meet
certain eligibility requirements.  The USDA, through the Virginia
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VACS), provides food
to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, which in turn, distributes that food to
partner agencies, such as us, who serve the community through food
pantries like ours.  The regulations that govern TEFAP require both the
Food Bank and the partner agencies to follow certain procedures in
order to qualify for receiving USDAA commodities.

Each agency’s key responsibilities are: (1) to help clients fill out Self
Declaration of Income (DSI) Forms; (2) provide USDA food only to clients
whose SDI forms indicate eligibility in accordance with the USDA
Household Income Guidelines; and (3) to fill out Quarterly Reports then
turn in all SDI forms and quarterly Reports to the Food Bank each month.  
We are audited each year.

Each person requesting assistance will be asked to fill out the SDI form:
(1) must give their name, age, and gender of each person in the
household; (2) must have an address of either Bergton, Criders or Fulks
Run; and (3) must give household income and indicate any other
assistance programs such as SNAP, SSI, TANF, WIC, and MEDICAID.

We depend on supplies we get from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
located in Verona and the donations of food and monies from local
businesses, organizations, sponsoring churches, and caring
individuals.  The great thing about helping the Food Bank and the Food
antry is that it doesn’t take that much to make a difference.  A simple bag
of groceries, a few hours of your time or just $1.00 goes a long way.

The Community Ministry Food Pantry is sponsored by the churches in
the Bergton, Criders, and Fulks Run area.  Our Motto is “NEIGHBORS
HELPING NEIGHBORS”.  We feel that’s what it’s all about.

All volunteers, donations, and monies are welcome.

For more information call:
           Zalda Whetzel, Director        (540) 852-3533
           Tom Ballweg                        (540) 820-4371
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank        -        www.brafb.org
To feed hungry people through a network of community organizations in central
and western Virginia, and to engage our communities in the fight to end hunger
locally and nationally.
                                    Hours of Operation       
                       1st Monday Night P.M.      5:00 – 8:00
                        3rd Thursday A.M.          10:00 – 12:00
Community Ministry Food Pantry